You're NUTTS!

IMG_0567CrossFit Hero WOD - "NUTTS" For time:

  • 10 Handstand Pushups
  • 15 Deadlifts -250 lb. M/205 lb. W
  • 25 Box Jumps -30"
  • 50 Pullups
  • 100 Wall Ball to 10' -20 lb.M/14 lb.W
  • 200 Double Unders
  • Run 400m with a plate -45 lb. M/25 lb. W

Compare to Jan and Dec 2011

IMG_0565Strength Focus

5 rds, not for time, but no rest between exercises: Front Squat - Max Reps at 75% 1RM (or a weight you can get 5-8 reps) 15 Bent-over Rows (heavy for this rep scheme)

Post # reps/loads used. Rest a couple minutes between rounds.

IMG_0429 IMG_0469 IMG_0504 IMG_0537 IMG_0543 IMG_0552 A few "Are you NUTTS?" faces throughout the day today....

IMG_0557 IMG_0551 IMG_0549 IMG_0540 IMG_0539 IMG_0456 And quite a few newer faces join our ranks lately!  Welcome to Asher, Kevin B, Victoria, Vicky, Paige, and Greg!

Some good food for thought for some of you today....

Yeah But…

“Dude, that was awesome, way to fight through”

…“Yeah, but I scaled”

As if scaling is something to be ashamed of, as if scaling is for the weak and the untrained.

As if scaling means you didn’t do the workout – or your workout was less worthy because you scaled.

It isn’t.

“You did SO good!”

…”Yeah, but I used a lighter weight”

As if choosing the right weight for you means you will never get stronger and work up to the Rx’d weights. As if it is somehow the weaker choice.

It isn’t.

“That was amazing, great job today”

…”Yeah, but I used a band”

As if you should feel guilty using a band for a week, a month, a year or a lifetime. As if the band is something to hate and despise.

It isn’t.

“Good job finishing, way to not give up!”

…”Yeah, but I was last”

As if where you finish matters more than THAT you finished. As if finishing last means your WOD was easy.

It doesn’t.

We are all in a constant state of scaling – even the elite of the elite, even the few who make it to the finals at The CrossFit Games

Double unders are scaled triple unders, MU are scaled weighted MU, 15′ rope climbs are scaled 20′ climbs.

Sure, they aren’t called for in the WODs today, but what about tomorrow?

Scaling is how you get from where you are now to your future kickass self.

Scaling is how you stay safe and healthy.

Scaling is how you improve your technique and learn to lift heavier.

Scaling is how you finish the workouts and feel obliterated after, using a band instead of just staring at the bar for 10 min willing yourself to get a pullup.

Scaling, is NOT, however, something to be ashamed of or something that you can use to write off your WOD as a poor performance.

So next time you are crumpled on the floor gasping for air, be proud that you choose the right scale for you.

Be proud that you killed the WOD, and that the WOD killed you.

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