You're My Heroes

Wow, you guys!  These posts are so awesome!  It's inspiring to read them and it helps SO MUCH!  It helps all of us stay on track and stay motivated.  I can come in here and read what each of you are thinking and doing and it helps me think, "I can do this!"  We are all trying it together, we will all have moments and days, and sometimes weeks, where we don't do so well.  Just keep getting back up and dusting yourself off.  If you don't fall, you don't learn how to stand and walk. 

Traveling is definitely the hardest time to stick with a consistent "Zone" way of eating.  But, I felt like I actually did pretty darn well this past weekend.  I know I made really good choices and because of weighing and measuring in the past, I have a fairly decent idea of what my portion sizes should be.  We ate at a Chipotle for out lunches and a Mexican restaurant for one of our dinners and that was really easy.  A steak salad for lunches and/or carne asada, which is a piece of steak, often with some guacamole and a side salad.  CrossFit Valencia put on a pizza party one night, so Mike and I ran to the store and grabbed some deli turkey and threw some slices on our pizza and I tore off much of the crust. 

I often eat cottage cheese for breakfast with some fruit on it.  I haven't measured it in a long time, so I did that yesterday to see if I have been any where near close.  Thankfully, I have been way under my allotted blocks for the quantity I have been eating.  But, I do come home pretty hungry after the 9:00 a.m. class and will eat more food, which I am sure sends me over my block count for the morning meals.  SO, I made myself weigh out 3 blocks in cottage cheese and 3 blocks in apple sauce.  Oh my gosh!  That equals 1 1/2 cups of cottage cheese and 3/4 cup of the apple/apricot sauce I had.  I was almost sick I was so full!  That is just a heck of a lot of cottage cheese....

I have found that the portions for breakfast are often far more than I really need and the portions for dinner are less than I want.  I think part of this is brain programming.  We don't eat much for breakfast, if we eat at all, as Americans, and we usually eat a large dinner-usually far more food than we can possibly use.  As a 3 blocker (11 per day), I have found that eating 2 blocks at breakfast, a 1 block mid-morning snack, a 3 block lunch, a 1 block mid-afternoon snack, and a 4 block dinner is more satisfying to me, and still less food than I eat when I'm not paying attention to my proper intake.  Just that one more block of everything at dinner time really cuts that huge look of despair looking at my measly little dinner.  Last night I actually had more food than I needed with 2 chicken burgers with tomato and fresh basil and olive tapenade on a slice of whole grain bread and a small glass of wine.  I will admit, I cut back on my portion at the end, handing over 1/2 of my 2nd chicken burger to Mike so I could justify 4-5 bites of homemade lemon ice cream leftover from Isabelle's birthday party.  Unfortunately, my mouth got the better of me and I ate more like 10-15 spoonfuls of ice cream!  DAMN!  Stupid mouth!  It didn't help that I put the whole carton on my lap for Mike and I to spoon a "few spoonfuls" out of before I was going to put it back in the freezer....  I set myself up for failure.  If I had just spooned my proper portion into a very small bowl, I would have been completely fine and satisfied and would have "thought" I was eating a bunch because it would have filled the very small bowl up.  Never put your dessert in a large bowl.  Another setup for failure and looks of despair at your measly amount...

Anyway, today has been perfect thus far.  The 2 block smoothie from the Zone meal plans was more than enough.  I swear, that smoothie grows and grows as you blend it.  I laughed because a 2 block smoothie amount totally filled a large glass all the way to the rim and I felt jubilant at how MUCH I got to eat this morning!  I made Mike a 3 block smoothie and it filled his glass full and then he still had enough to almost fill it again!  Plus, coffee with 1/2 and 1/2!  Life just doesn't get much better than that.  Connie, if you're despairing on quantity, I highly recommend eating breakfast meal plans at lunch or dinner sometimes.  You will be quite satisfied, I think!

We went and bought deli lunchmeat and sliced cheese from the deli counter.  For lunch I weighed it and rolled up some meat and cheese rolls w/a little shmear of olive tapenade for fat and flavor and had an apple and then still had room for a square of dark chocolate.  Yum!  Having stuff like this readily available really helps not go for Zone bars all the time.  It's way more filling and satisfying too.  Make things super easy on yourselves so you can be successful.  Take time to pre-prepare and stick stuff in the freezer.  We made big batches of chili and hummus and stew, measured them out, threw them in the freezer with labels of how many blocks, and we were SO happy we had done that when we come home tired or not at all into making food for ourselves.  Boil a carton of eggs, cook up a bag of chicken breasts and steaks, keep them all in the fridge for an easy grab.  Lots of fruit and veggies need to be cut so you can just grab and go with no prep every time you want something.  Just the initial once per week pain of prep.

Keep up the good work everyone!  You're doing AWESOME!

Amanda, I am totally happy to sit down with you and help you get started and show you how to make it easy, if you want to start now.  It doesn't have to be super complicated. 

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