You don't need Spartan Pectorals To Pull a Trigger

    First day back after a week and a half of hunting.  I'm not sure why, but while I went out to get 300lbs of
choice protein blocks, all I wanted to eat was the crappiest crap carbs.   Mornings were Pop-Tarts and heavily creamed and sugared coffee, lunches were something on bread and let's not even talk about the whole box of Fiddle-Faddle before the fatty ass fat dinner.  So did all that junk ride in your trunk?  Terrible, to call the place where we sat hiding waiting for something to walk by a blind, would be a complete misnomer.  With my GI problems and the Elk's keen sense of smell, we might as well been sitting under a hot pink neon LIVE NUDE GIRLS sign in a seedy part of town.  I shouldn't have sprayed the Scent-Free stuff on my clothes, I should have drank it like shots of cheap tequila.  Had a great time hunting though, did a lot of walking.  Saw lots of ATV's and realized why many hunters are overweight, thus the title of the post.  Did find a $2500 Swarovski spotting scope under a tree (yea!!), three days later found the owner (yea -  on the "grand golden ticket for the karma wheel" scale, but damn on the "sure did like havng a free scope" scale)
     So did you feel coming back today?  Funny you should ask, if Kathleen hadn't showed up, it would have been CrossF#!Kthis.  Felt slow and sluggish.  Had to scale things that I shouldn't have. 
     I am now back to making the Zone fit my lifestyle.  On the Zone, I feel better, have more energy, get up at 0530 easier, and since I don't buy pastries and eat out all the time, it is cheaper. 

See you in Sunnyside.

P.S.  Sorry Jason for eating all your Oreo's, I paid the price this morning.

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