Reminding folks that yoga has switched to 6am Thursdays and Sundays at 11am!

Bring your Steve's Club Garage Sale items by the gym today!  We need to make this thing BIG!  We are getting calls from people in Phoenix who want to come up for it!  Bring your trash and make it someone's treasure, to help get Steve's Club Flagstaff kids their home!

photo 1IMG_5007 Black line done....                            and red line DONE!  Wall Balls can commence!

CrossFit Flagstaff-

Steve's Club is up and running! There are classes being held in the gym on Saturday and Sunday at 11 am. Steadily the word is getting out and more kids are coming to join in the fun. Like any non-profit organization there is a need for constant fund raising. The next big event is the Garage Sale next Saturday, February 8th.

We need your help. Take this opportunity to clean your closets, garages, sheds, and attics. Bring all the stuff that you no longer need to the gym on Friday February 7th. You will be able to write off your donation just like you would if you took your loot to the Goodwill, and the proceeds will be going to an awesome cause that you will be able to see in action. We are looking for anything and everything: books, furniture, cloths, toys, tools, kitchen items...

Spread the word!

The Details

What- Garage Sale Where- CrossFit Flagstaff When- Drop-Off February 7th, Sale February 8th 7am- 1pm Why- Support Steve's Club


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