Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk

Increase load with each set.

Compare to March 2008.

CrossFit Educational videos:
Annie demos the workout.
SP-PP-PJ demo video.  Push Press Issues video.  Rippetoe reviews Shoulder Press.  Jerk/Split Jerk Intro.

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Thanks for visiting CrossFit Flagstaff, Barry!

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Holli, great job on learning the Push Press!  Nice upright chest in the dip, full extension through the drive, and solid overhead position. 

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Yesss!  That is Amy, one of our Missing Persons.  While she has been absent it seems she has been practicing her Push Jerk!  PR'd every single round!  Welcome back!

Oh, wait.  I believe we also had yet ANOTHER missing persons in our midst tonight!  ROBIN (aka Big Dog)!  As you can see, many were quite glad to see Robin back at the gym.  Talk about a popular figure!