Grip Like a Farmer!

IMG_8910 WOD
4 Rounds For Time of:

IMG_8836 IMG_8842 IMG_8879
Welcome back to elevation, Linc!!
Good examples of full hip extension and shrug at the top of the pull, and a weightless bar as a result.  Both Linc and Laura are on their way back down to receive the bar, as identified by their hair and the weightlessness of the bar in the hand.  Laura is a little further down than Linc, who just passed the top of his extension when this photo was taken.
IMG_8814 IMG_8813 IMG_8815
Matt gave me encouraged permission to post these.  It may be photos of Matt, but many have the same faults in their Cleans and can put themselves in these photos and learn from them.  This is a good example to compare to the top 2 photos.  Delay that arm bend and put that power into the hip drive and shrug.IMG_8860 IMG_8826 IMG_8870 IMG_8896 IMG_8857 many options!!!