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Imgp1931WOD For Time:
30 Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean
-35 lb. DB's
800m Run
200 ft. Walking Lunges
400m Run
50 Dumbbell Push Jerk
 -35 lb. DB's          (vid 1) (vid 2)
200m Run
100 ft. Walking Lunges          
5:30 a.m. class welcomed Dave, CF'r from Pennsylvania!

Nice, Sarah!
Imgp1909_2 Imgp1912_2 Imgp1913_4
Decent catches in hang squat cleans but-
#1 need to watch knees caving in squat, #2 feet too wide, look up, elbows higher, #3 chest and elbows up a little higher.
Imgp1914_2 Imgp1915
#1 BAD-avoid the tendency to lean forward coming out of the lunge, putting pressure on knee and using quad instead of butt. #2 GOOD-upright chest, centered, power out of the front heel, use posterior for strength and stability.
Imgp1919 Imgp1921 Imgp1926
#1 Split Jerk alternative, #2 Shoulders need to be higher and tighter, #3 much better shoulder positions at top of jerk

Thank you, John Tuitele, for your help in coaching and allowing me to work out with my crew today!

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