Wishes and Goals. What are YOU working on?

Work toward goals and make up what you missed out on this week, or work on your weaknesses through volume training on a skill....


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Ever notice that even if you have the absolute best reasons for not being able to workout, when you don’t workout, you don’t achieve much?  How about the fact that even though you might have the best reasons for not making healthy food choices, when you eat crappy food, you don’t feel or look good?  Of course we can all agree on these things.  You may be wondering what incredibly obvious point I’m trying to make here.  Well, here it is (drum roll please)…

At CFF we don’t deal in wishes.  As in: “I wish I was thinner”, “I wish I was stronger”, ” I wish I had lower blood pressure”, etc…  We deal in reality.  I realize that in the world of globogyms, the goal is to entice “prospects” into signing up for an affordable monthly debit that they’ll hardly even miss from their bank account.  Step two is to assess whether or not this “prospect” might be a candidate for premium services such as personal training, nutrition counseling, etc…  If not, then they are not missed at all when they don’t show up to use the gym.  Why?  Because they deal in wishes, fantasies, and rainbows.

But that’s not our goal at CFF.  Our goal is serve you a healthy dose of reality… daily.  Here are some of the things you might learn on any given day:

  • You’re stronger than you think… but not as strong as you have the potential to become. 
  • That breakfast of a danish and coffee … that was a bad idea.
  •  If doing assisted pullups with a green band is feeling pretty easy, you’re just about to meet Mr. Blue Band. :-) 
  • Learning to do things right trumps getting a great time with poor technique. 
  • It feels really good to be surrounded by people that sincerely want you to succeed.  When someone gets their first pull-up/muscle-up/rope-climb/etc… no matter how much of a cynical square  you may be outside the gym, you can’t help but cheer and clap for them. 
  • You are a leader, you’d better start acting like one. 
  • Burpees suck. 
  • Winners show up and excuses are lame.  

Wishes and goals are not the same thing.

The reality is that how consistently you make good choices is directly proportional to  your success in all things in life.

So ask yourself this: “Do I have goals, or do I have wishes?”  Because if you have goals, you’d better be working toward them.  If you have wishes, you are probably sitting there waiting for your fairy godmother to come grant them to you.  And guess what?  In 5.. 10… 30 years, you’ll still be sitting there.   Maybe it’s time you traded in your wishes for goals, rolled up your sleeves and got to work!

-adapted from CrossFit Initiative

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