Good Times

Complete As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes as you can of:

CrossFit Instructional Videos on the L-Pullup:
Developing the L-Pullup Part Ia (CFJ Preview) ...[wmv][mov]
Developing the L-Pullup Part Ib (CFJ Preview)...[wmv][mov]

Great to have you visit from CrossFit 360, Jason Alexander!
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"Its nice to wake up with a passion.
Hit the gym,a few friends,a few smiles.the music starts-
Weights clashing,teeth gnashing,egos smashing.
Blood pumping,bass line thumping,
we're running,lifting,then jumping!
Lisa's,"come on,your almost done!"
Muscles failing,adrenaline sailing.
Encouragement from all around.clock stops-
hit the ground!
A few friends,a few smiles,maybe some flirtin'.
And a ,"be back tomorrow?"
For certain!
thanks lis"
-Casey Rose
Thank you, Casey.  And ALL of CrossFit Flagstaff.
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