Who says there's no cardio and strength in CrossFit?

3 Rounds for Time:
500m Row                          500m Row                         500m Row
21 Deadlifts                        15 Deadlifts                      9 Deadlifts
21 Knees-to-Elbows            15 Knees-to-Elbows           9 K-T-E
Img_7030_4Img_7031_2 Img_7028

Apparently there are some who question whether CrossFit offers enough of a workout regimen to become truly fit.  Some feel there isn't enough cardio or think they will lose their strength because there isn't really any true strength training involved.  Our belief is that these nay-sayers haven't really, truly performed CrossFit workouts, or at least not enough to be able to voice an educated opinion. We are unconventional and out of the ordinary.  Sometimes that scares people who don't like change or have a hard time seeing outside the box.

Why are we different?

CrossFit is not your ordinary gym or training philosophy. Unlike other gyms, you will not find any machines in our facility. The core of the CrossFit program combines Olympic style weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, rowing, and gymnastics with the use of kettlebells, ropes, rings and more. This type of training is completely functional and 100% of it will transfer from the gym to every facet of your life. Conventional gyms offer expensive equipment that isolate muscles that were never intended to be isolated. The muscles of the body function in harmony with one another, and are rarely isolated.

CrossFit is not a social club.  We do one thing very well; get results.  All we ask is that you come and give 100%.

CrossFit is structured to train in small group settings. This develops motivation, camaraderie and also adds a little friendly competition.

If you have any question about what CrossFit is, what the workouts entail and how you feel during and after them, if you get enough "cardio", if you get strength gains, please come in and give it a try.  Answer those questions for us and for yourself, critique it and we are open to your thoughts.  We challenge you to come in for 6 weeks, be committed, motivated, and honest to yourself and to the program ahead of you.  If you are truly unsatisfied at the end of that 6 weeks and you feel you aren't getting cardio or strength in your workouts, we will give you your money back. 

Take on the 6 Week Challenge as a new client for the cost of a monthly, unlimited class membership.  We believe you'll find a different story.  If you talk to any one of the people who come in faithfully, you'll also hear a different story.   

CrossFit has put out a free journal on our philosophy about fitness.  Please feel free to download it and read it.   What Is Fitness?