What IS the CrossFit Open?

So What IS the CrossFit Open?


Mike Lacy and Kyla ALL signed up for the Open! Have you?

These three CFF athletes have never done a CrossFit Competition, they have not yet been able to do a pull-up or a handstand push up, but they come to the gym multiple times a week each driven for their own reasons. They know they might not be able to do any of the workouts RX'd , they haven't been "Training for" the Open and THAT IS OK! They are just excited to see how they stack up to others around the world, push themselves a little harder, give themselves  new motivation for coming to the gym every day and have some fun with one of the best communities around. The CrossFit Open is one of my favorite times of the year. It brings out the grit and the extra push and that "extra gear" in a work out that has always been there, but you just needed a little nudge to actually access. ;) The Open is for EVERYONE. Join Mike, Lacy Kyla and the rest of the CFF Team in this 5 weeks of FUN!

Click HERE for more information and to sign up and join the Team!

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