What Are YOU Capable Of?

5 Rounds For Time of:

  • 400m Run  (430m for CFF)
  • 50 Squats
  • 30 Back Extensions

Img_7516 Img_7504 Img_7425
Sara has really stepped it up lately and has been pushing her own limits.  Today she did this workout fully as prescribed and ran (which she really doesn't like to do or think that she can do) ALL 5 rounds, full 400m +!  Now ask yourself, "What am I capable of?" But I warn you... don't answer too quickly... if you're a CrossFitter and/or one of our clients, you'll be breaking through what you thought was possible way before you know it!  Nice work, Sara!  I'm really proud of you!
Img_7405 Img_7497 Img_7419 Img_7438 Img_7431Img_7483_2 Img_7447_2
Donna got help from her friends!
Img_7456 Img_7523
Our loyal friends... THEY know what we are capable of!