What About Abs?

Img_4738Today's WOD Answers That Question -
"What About Abs?"

For Load

           3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Rep Rounds

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Bruce and Robin both went for a little too much weight to start with, loading squats that hadn't quite been perfected in form yet.  We had them both go through some squat therapy, overhead squat with sticks, then empty bars, then add weight back in.  Their squats improved IMMENSELY over the course of those drills.  Focus on technique and form, perfect that before loading that movement.  The strength, balance, and integrity of movement you gain from building that base will be hugely beneficial in it's efficiency and safety, and loads will be far greater as a result.  Nice work, you guys!  We were SO proud to see those improvements in just a few short minutes!
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Start with a strong overhead position.  Initiate squat with hips, back in heels.  Pull back and down with hip flexors.  To a deep, past parallel, upright in chest position.