Weighted Pullups

Img_4724 WOD
For Load:

           1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Single Rep Rds.

Compare April 2007 and December 2007.

Creative Loading of the Weighted Pullup:
Img_4627 Img_4601 Img_4613_2
The "Layered Look".           SWAT Bullet Proof Vest.        Cankles.
Img_4636 Img_4642 Img_4665
Chest Enhancement.          Kettlebelly.                         Suicide Bomber Vest.
Img_4655 Img_4677 Img_4684

Bodyweight-1st Kipping Pullup! Everything But the Kitchen Sink. Med Ball Shackles.Img_4656 Img_4620 Img_4721
1st you add 2 lbs. of chalk to your hands, then some serious feet, maybe a kid...
Img_4689Img_4716 Img_4712
...and some curious -and potentially dangerous -appendages.

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