Week 7 Challenge

Nutrition Challenge - Week Seven

Nopeanuts OK.  We're going to tie up some loose ends with our Paleo endeavors.   There are several things we haven't mentioned yet, that are important if you're trying to become a full fledged paleo practitioner.  We haven't really mentioned potatoes yet, and for a few reasons, one being the inordinate amount of carbs they offer at one sitting, thereby increasing your insulin response, it's time to cut 'em out.  The same goes for legumes, including beans and peanuts. 




Read Why Grains and Legumes Are So Unhealthy



Fish-oil-pills-in-a-fish-ou Also, if you're unable to eat enough purely grass-fed beef, or as much fish as is desirable, then there's a good chance that your omega 6:omega 3 fat intake ratio is not as healthy as we want.  You'll want to consider a good fish oil supplement.  The list of health benefits of doing this seems to be growing by the day, although there are a few out there who aren't so sure.  As in the past, we have given you some research to do on your own.  We want you to know why you're doing these things, and some of the reasoning is too much to list here.  So remember; this week, in addition to the list of the past 6 weeks, cut out potatoes, legumes, and find a good fish oil supplement to add to your diet.  We'll be wrapping things up next week, so be sure to check back then.

Carlsons If you're looking for a concentrated dose, high quality fish oil at an affordable cost, Carlson's Elite Omega-3 are a great choice.  They also have a bit of lemon in them to take away that fishy taste.


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