Week 6 Challenge

Nutrition Challenge - Week Six

There are a lot of opinions and thoughts on what things we should and should not eat.  Should is a strong word, and not all peeps are the same.  Every one of us could eat the same thing and have very different outcomes and reactions to it.  The strict paleo side of the fence restricts dairy from the diet of acceptable food.  Many respond very well to eliminating it from their diet, everyone loses weight when they do.  The bottom line is you will only know if it's good, bad, ugly, or indifferent if you try it.  Take it out for 3 weeks.  See what you feel.  Certainly there is NO harm in eliminating it.  You'll likely shed some nagging weight, and there may be a few other issues that clear up if dairy is a big part of your diet.  Without testing things, you can't possibly know.  Or learn.

Here's the skinny from Triangle CrossFit...

OK boys and girls, as we start winding this thing down, we have another hurdle.  This one will be as tough for some as the great sugar cessation way back in weak one.  We're talking about your dairy intake, homey.  Again, I can't put into words the reasons you should eschew milk, cheese, and other milk-based foods as well as others, so I will direct your attention to the link after this paragraph.  They seem to make it as simple and easy-to-understand as possible.  Keep in mind that the main problem with dairy products are the proteins that cause a high insulin response among other things.  Since butter and cream are almost all dairy fats, the "experts" generally agree that they are ok, and even desirable.  As usual, do your own research and discuss.

The Dairy Manifesto


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