Week 5 Challenge

Nutrition Challenge - Week Five
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As stated in earlier posts, there is debate out there about the different aspects of paleo-based diets.  One thing is for sure, variety is necassary for the proper amount of the different vitamins and minerals your body needs.  The challenge for this week, along with what you're already doing, is to add a variety of meats to your diet.  Are you clucking because you eat chicken so much?  Or do you sound like a bull at a rodeo?  This week, try to not only eat meat from a variety of sources (beef, chicken, fish, turkey, pork), but also something you rarely have or wouldn't normally think of (bison, ostrich, crab, lamb, etc.).  Now we can't talk about these foods without mentioning food quality.  Any of these choices are going to be much better for you if they are "organic" in nature.  Beef and bison is better for you if they are grass-fed and finished, meaning they are not fed grain at any stage of life.  Chicken is better if it is free range (so are their eggs). Do your homework on these "organic" labels.  They can be deceptive. 

Here's the debate I mentioned above:  some Paleo pros say that pork, chicken, and scavenger fish like catfish aren't as healthy for you as beef, bison, and lamb (known as ruminants).  The reason for this is mainly due to what the animals themselves eat and how their bodies can filter (think multiple stomachs) what is passed on to you.  Other gurus say that variety is important and you shouldn't eat too much of any one kind of meat (or anything else, for that matter).  Some don't have the proper proportions of fat.  Some don't have other nutrients like others.  So a mix is best.  This is where you should use your judgement.  AND research for yourself.

Salmon Protein2
Steak Ahi

Well there you have it.  Go forth and get your protein!

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