Week 3 Challenge


Whose Food Guide Pyramid?
The USDA has listed as its base for nutrition- bread, cereal, rice and pasta.  The thing is, all of these foods come from pretty much the same place - grains.  We were going to break this up into flour and wheat products and then "other grain" products, but since the majority of those things fall into the wheat/flour based category, we decided to put them all together.  Dr. Kurt G. Harris states on his blog that anyone eliminating sugar and flour alone have taken a huge leap into the paleo diet.  There are many pieces of information about why we should do this next step, from carb calories that aren't very nutritionally dense, to the gluten present in most grains, and the negative affects of this protein.  Instead, I will give you links to peruse at your leisure.  There are many, many more out there that I could have added:

The Argument Against Cereal Grains
The Grain Manifesto
The Argument Against Cereal Grains II
Robb Wolf on Gluten

Some of these are very in depth, so read what you want.  Just know that this week we are adding to our attempts to minimize sugar, including those from fruit, by also trimming flour, grains, and other grain-based products from our diet.  Some of you had no problem with the sugar but might find this more challenging.  Others of you were the other way around.  Whatever the case, you may go through some withdrawal symptoms like you did with sugar, so endure until they subside. 
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