Wednesday, October 10

1.  Bench Press
A.  work up to a 3RM
B.  work up to a 10RM

2.  OTM x 16
ODD: 3-6 reps of Elevated HSPU - Ninjas use parallettes, Beasts use plates
EVEN: 3-8 reps of C2B
If you need to work on strength do the HSPU and C2B strict.  If you need to work on skill/coordination do the HSPU and C2B as kipping.  This is a goat session - better to get less reps and work on a weakness.

3.  Giant Set x 3
A.  Strict Bent Over Rows, 6-8 reps
B.  Banded Triceps Push downs, 15-20 reps
B.  Band Pull aparts
No rest between movements, rest as needed between sets.

Bench Press Technique - Set up and Execution.
On the negative (lowering the bar) try to break the bar by externally rotating the shoulders.
On the concentric (lifting the bar) try to spread the bar by pulling it apart.