Wednesday, May 15 - Ass to Grass!!

More baby squats!!!  Pick one cue that helps you improve one aspect of your squat. (Pick a different aspect of your squat from last 2 times.) Today, for all your reps, only think that one cue - but think it AS LOUD AS YOU CAN! Ask someone to watch and see if that aspect of your squat improves.

1.  Mobilize them hip flexors!  I know some of you are getting tighter and tighter through this Challenge.  Grab up our new Kelly Starrett book and become a supple leopard! 

2.  3 Supersets of 5 DB weighted box jumps (go up in weight if you can) and 8 (per leg) barbell weighted step-ups to a box.  No shifting weight forward over the quads or using a push-off.  Pull yourself up from the floor and step up with complete control.

3.  Find 1RM Squat

4. Back off to 80-85% of that and perform 3 sets of 3 unbroken, good-form reps, increasing weight if able.

5.  If you're feeling feisty, back off 20-30% of that for 2 sets of 5 reps, coming up fast out of the hole.