Wednesday, June 5

Shoot ‘Em Up: It’s Pistol Time

Perhaps, at this point in your CrossFit career, you have mastered the air squat and you are starting to add some serious weight to your weighted squats. Think you’re a badass? Think again. Have you tried performing a pistol? Watch this athlete at CrossFit Cult performing a pistol — also known as a one-legged squat. (FYI: He does standard pistols for the first minute and then shows weighted variations and more as it goes on.) If you’re an athlete looking to take the art of squatting to the next level, the pistol is definitely a movement that will get you there.

FYI: Pistols will help you improve your back squat, front squat, overhead squat, and your deadlift.

“Why Should I Work on Pistols?”  Tabata Times explains...


1. Mobilize and warmup with Bullet Proof Shoulders

2.  Work on Pistols for 5 minutes.

3. Wendler Phase 2 Deadlift and Shoulder Press

(training 1RM = 90% of PR)

  • 70% of training 1RM x3 reps
  • 80% of training 1RM x3 reps
  • 90% of training 1RM x3+ reps

4. "Muffins and Sweatpants" gym WOD and Grip Strength work