Wednesday, June 19


These are two of the most important factors that one can apply to their life. Alone, they will not suffice, but that is a different story. This not only applies to training, but also life! Go after your goals and do so like there is no tomorrow. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and this is especially true if you show up half hearted and half determined. When it is all said and done, what is your excuse? Too tired, not enough time in the day, it hurts, or scared? These are all bogus responses, and hence why they are referred to as an "excuse". With all due respect...screw that. If you want to be an Olympian or the next CrossFit champion, you go after that goal with everything you have, and you don't let anything or anyone tell you otherwise. Cowards are told what they can and cannot accomplish, while champions pave the way to what is possible! -Burgener Strength Programs


1.  Wendler Deload Phase - Deadlift and Shoulder Press

The idea of any deload is to give the body a rest so it can recover and then move forward. You can't step on the gas all the time.

 90% of 1RM is baseline

  • 40% x5 Reps
  • 50% x5 Reps
  • 60% x5 Reps

NO max reps on last set, only 5.

2.  8x30m prowler pushes (180# for men, 90# for women). Rest 60-90 seconds between pushes.

3.  Gym WOD - Row a minute/Rest a minute