Wednesday, July 3

A collage to remind you to keep pulling on thebar. A common tendency for beginners is to lose tension on the bar after they extend the hips and the bar rises past their waist. The best lifters in the world keep pulling on the bar as long as they possibly can. As people commonly get confused by this cue, this does not mean they are attempting to actually pull the bar higher when the bar is mid-chest. It means they keep tension. You should too.


1.  Wendler Phase 1 - Deadlift and Shoulder Press
65% of new baseline x5 reps
75% of new baseline x5 reps
85% of new baseline x5+ reps

2 options:
- if you PR'd on your lifts by more than 5# this past week, then take 90% of that new 1RM and train from that.

- if you did not PR or it was under 5#, then add 10# to your previous training baseline for the Deadlift and Back Squat, add 5# to your previous training baseline for Shoulder Press and Bench Press.

2.  As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
9 DB Thrusters - 50#/35#
9 Handstand Pushups

3. Gym WOD - "Mind Eraser"