Congratulations to ZachWilkinson and Rachel Lewis (now Wilkinson)!Many of us had the privilege of witnessing these 2 wonderful people commit their life together and helped them celebrate their marriage in Paradise Valley.  Zach and Rachel have the special distinction in that they met here at CrossFit Flagstaff and a Ragnar Relay race van ride ignited the spark!  We wish you ALL THE BEST, Zach and Rachel!  Our first successful CFF match! ;-)

IMG_6666 IMG_6698 IMG_6718 IMG_6714 IMG_6685 IMG_6728 IMG_6726


Back at the CFF ranch...lots of great work happened on Make Up day!

IMG_6948 IMG_6951 IMG_6981 Katie Butterfield, George, Kristin Kauffman, and Colton were some of many who took on workouts they had missed from the previous few days! Boat Race and Hotshots 19 were our big players from Friday and Saturday. IMG_6976 IMG_6963 IMG_6966 Great job, Kristin!  Notice how she breaks her knees out first, as she sends her hips back and down to squat.  This gets her femurs out of the way and allows the torso to sit in between the hips at the bottom, creating space for a nice upright torso at the bottom of the squat.  The bar can then sit through Kristin's torso and over the heel of her foot in a nice supported line.

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