Weakness #2

"For many people, fitness training has become theirsport- a sport where the aims are simply to become as fit as possible." - Coach Glassman

Shoulder Press
10x at 65% of 1 rep max, 8x at 70%, 6x at 80%, 4x at 85%, 4x at 85%

Rest, then:
Run 4x 400m
Rest 3 minutes between each.

Rest, then:
-1 rep on the minute for 5 minutes.  Rest 1 min, increase load, repeat another set of 1 rep on the minute for 5 minutes. (80-90% of 1 rep max)
IMG_7114 IMG_7056 IMG_7079 IMG_7074 IMG_7057
Way to SPRINT out the finish of every one of those laps, Laura!  Smokin' effort!
 IMG_7045 IMG_7048IMG_7069

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