Saturday, May 18

Tired of squatting heavy? Ready to work your bis & tris instead?


Lift heavy

Just kidding, we're going to squat heavy.

1. Mobility. Do what ever helps your squat the most. But be sure to spend at least 2 minutes in the bottom position of an air squat.

2. Warm up with 3 supersets of 12 Reverse Prisoner Lunges (hands behind head, step back, keep weight on front heel, 6 per leg) and 6 pretty Air Squats.

3. Work up to a 1RM Squat.

4. Pull 20-30% off the bar, then work back up to a Heavy set of 5. (The heaviest you can go without missing any reps. This is not a true 5RM, since your legs are tired. Stop before you miss a rep - end with success!)

5. Walk 200 to 400 meters. Hold your head up high, swing your arms. The good posture and arm swinging will help get your nervous system back on track. This is especially important to do if you're doing the WOD. Walk before you WOD.

Reverse Prisoner Lunge Demo Vid: