Village People

CrossFit WOD - "VILLAGE PEOPLE"AMRAP 5 min: 50/35 Calorie Row AMRAP "Macho Man" in remaining time “Macho Man” – 3 Power Cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 Push Jerks

rest 5:00

AMRAP 5 min: 35/25 Calorie Row AMRAP Macho Man (increase barbell weight 5-10#) rest 5:00 AMRAP 5 min: 20/15 Calorie Row AMRAP Macho Man (increase another 10-15 #)

CrossFit is... INTENSITY

How much work can you do in a given period of time?  The more you can do, the fitter you are, and the higher the intensity of your training.  To get the necessary intensity to see the results we are all shooting for, we push ourselves right to the edge of "the cliff".  We begin practicing staying there.  This is called the 'red zone' or the 'pain cave', and it is extremely risky.  One false move, and you're off the edge.....pukie, injury, extreme soreness.  On the flip side, when you're not close enough, it usually means your results are compromised.  CrossFit will challenge you to train in that zone, relative to your ability and capacity.  This is not easy or simple for anyone - new or experienced.  It is something that takes desire, commitment, and practice from the athlete.   It is important to know that intensity is determined by your ability to hold good form – we never recommend speed at the expense of form.


The only difference between the training needs of an elite athlete and an ‘average joe’ is weight, volume, and speed.  What does that mean?  Essentially it means that all the movements we do in CrossFit are universal in their ability to improve performance. Making an adjustment in a workout for a beginner (something we call ‘scaling’ a workout) means reducing the total reps or rounds, reducing the distance, eliminating the clock, reducing the weight, and/or reducing the complexity of a movement. This is something we do all the time and we’re really good at it.  It's a fine balance of pushing you and hooking you into loving it by making it fun while you get fitter.  The way we know to do that is we get to know you as an athlete.  Because we care.  A lot.


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