Video Feedback and Over-trained Snowmen

Not For Time:

  • Clean and Jerk 15-12-9 rep sets

Rest overhead, at rack, or at bottom, but not at ground during each set - touch and go only!

Use the same load for all 3 sets.
IMG_4638 IMG_4634 IMG_4641
Does your Clean reach the maximum extension point? Legs and hips fully extended, chest lifted, and shoulders up by the ears; the maximum extension point is reached before the arms have bent at all. Videotape your Clean and if this point is missed or the arms bend even a little before the hips and legs are extended, your Clean is weak.

Clean and Jerk Form from CrossFit Flagstaff on Vimeo.

Compare to Clean and Jerk form by the pros:

All Star Line-up w/Coach B. at Mike's Gym, Shi Zhiyong,Casey Burgener, Aimee Anaya, Olympic Trials, Natalie Woolfolk, Annie Sakamoto

Overtrained Frosty 

Flagstaff gets a couple feet of snow, and while everyone else is making a snowman that resembles an undertrained, overfed Frosty dude........-John Tuitele, the trainer of the world's strongest snowman!

AND - CrossFit Flagstaff featured on CrossFit Endurance!

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