Upcoming Events!

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday there are a couple of events in our community where we would like to see CrossFit Flagstaff represented.

This Saturday will be Earth Day and there will be volunteer neighborhood cleanups.  Ryder, Adrian, Naomi, and Katie Brown are all heading up a CrossFit Flagstaff crew to spend 1/2 hr. to an hour after the Free Saturday workout, helping our neighbors spruce up a bit.  Please take the time when you all normally hang out and chat after class, lend a hand, be a part of our community, and pick up a little garbage off the streets for Earth Day.  Here's the info:
There are two events in our area, as follows:
N. Izabel Street Clean Up
Community Clean Up of Izabel Street. We will be picking up litter along Izabel Street. Safety guidelines, bags, gloves, and vests will be provided. Help Keep Flagstaff Beautiful and participate in the Izabel Street Clean Up!

> Project difficulty (1-easy, 5 difficult): 2-3
> Volunteers will need to pick up litter and carry their garbage bag.
> Meeting Location: Coconino High School (north parking lot), 2801 N. Izabel Street

Sunnyside graffiti clean-up
Cleaning up graffiti.
> Project difficulty (1-easy, 5 difficult): 1
> What Volunteer Should Bring or Wear: Please wear old clothes that you don't mind getting paint on!
> Meeting Location: Meet at Big Lots Parking Lot (2560 E 7th Ave)

I wanted to ask the group two questions:
1- How many people are interested in volunteering a little bit of time (1 hour), and if you are...
2- Which project entices you more?
I will contact the lead folks on the project(s) that we would like to commit to.  I think either/ both would be great; we work out in the neighborhood, and in turn, spend a lot of time in it.  We benefit ourselves by beautifying the hood, and we make a good impression as members of the community (maybe not just the crazies who run around with various items, looking like we are about to keel over at any minute).
Think about it, and let me know within the next day or two so that I can make arrangements...
Katie B.

The other event that is happening Saturday is the Flagstaff Mountain Racing Sports, local adventure race, at FAC East.  Kevin Adams and Matt Zeilman will be racing in that and have had a blast doing it in past years.  They have opened up their team to either bring one more person to make theirs a three-person team, or to split up and head up two teams, which can be comprised of 2-3 people.  This race is about 4-6 hours or so and is very beginner friendly.  The entry fee is $55 and they need to register no later than Wednesday.  For more information, check out the race website, http://www.mtnracingsports.com/.  Please let us know if you would like to be on their team or form up one of your own as soon as possible!  We have more CFF shirts available to make it a CrossFit Flagstaff team, if you want.  Go out and REPRESENT!  But mostly, have fun!  Race starts at 8:30 a.m.

We are also looking to host a USAW Olympic Weightlifting competition at our gym.  We need at least 3 people to compete for us.  This would be run very similar to the unofficial meet we had previously, and all are welcome to compete just as they did that day.  Beginners and more experienced lifters are all welcome, there are all different classes.  It would be $35 for the USAW membership card, and then $35 for the meet fee.  Please email me soon so I can get a sense of how much interest, and then we'll establish a date and start doing some more serious training for it.  It's a great experience and good opportunity to push yourself to get better at the Olympic lifts.  This type of event is like having a running or biking or short triathlon race as a goal to strive for.  We can plan it for after the Burgener Olympic lifting seminar June 7th, so you can attend that for really superior coaching from an Olympic coach.

Ok folks!  Let's get out to these events and represent and have fun!  Email or call me with any questions, and with interest as soon as you can.