Ugly Sweater Pressing

WODIncrease load with each set.

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Ugly Sweaters brought out some great lifts today!!

Awkward family photos may also have contributed to new PR's ...  Record your lifts!

You can push jerk more than you can push press, and you can push press more than you can shoulder press. No secret there.

But did you know that most can push press roughly 30 percent more than they can shoulder press and push jerk roughly 30 percent more than they can push press?

Although not an obvious core-to-extremity movement, the shoulder press requires midline stabilization.  You’re using your body as a brace and you're basically trying to resist hyperextension of the lower back as you press.

The push press, meanwhile, allows for a quicker cycle time of the same weight.  At 3 consecutive reps, the metabolic affect also starts to set in.  And increases as the load and reps increase in the jerk.

The push jerk is the "weightlifting equivalent of slappin’ somebody in the face,” says HQ trainer Adrian “Boz” Bozman. “It’s a big wind-up and, bam—you’re done. It doesn’t happen slowly. It hits you pretty hard.”

Let's get out there and get some today!!

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