UFC 74 - Ryan goes down hard

       Was doing OK this week.  Down 1.8lbs on Fri weigh in.  Feeling stronger.  Actually, my pathetic time on the Jump Phase mile runs, is a big improvement for me.  It is silly and cliche, but being on the Zone makes me feel way more alert and I have no problem getting up early for the 0530 classes.  Got into the steel cut oats for breakfast, the berries and peaches season seems to be coming to a close so I needed a different breakfast carb and oats sure are filling.
         My next diet book will be the "Eat because you are hungry, not because you are worried about being hungry --- diet".  This is the radical change with the Zone for me.  Getting use to the feeling of hunger. 
          Now the bad stuff, had a rough Fri. night (by Zone standards, not by fat ass Ryan standards), went to friend's house for Spaghetti and delicious ricotta cheese french bread stuff and carrot cake.  I figured that was OK, it would be my cheat night.  Recovered back to the ZONE for Saturday during the day.  But then to a UFC party.............great big thick Chicago deep dish pizza, wings, beer, and best (again, by fat ass Ryan standards) of all that new Tanqueray rangpur gin and tonic.  It's Sunday, let me tell you, Barry Sears know S!@T about hangovers.  I am strung out.....just want greasy CRACK!!!   Tomorrow is a new rebeginning ZONE day for Ryan.  17 blocks of redemption.

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