Tuesday, May 28 - Updates

Some updates to be aware of:

We are adding in some additional Oly-lifting skill training on Tuesdays so the Comp Squad schedule will be the Wendler Strength program on Monday and Wednesday, as usual, and Oly-lifting skill training on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Rest on Thursdays, Saturdays are just the gym WOD, and rest on Sundays.

Today, being a Tuesday, your Oly-skill work is the gym WOD -"The Big Clean Complex".  This is a great workout for attention to positions, repeating positions under high rep and high load.  Focus on solid movement and tenacity on the bar.  Try not to break your cycles.  If you do, it's too heavy.

Amanda will hold an Oly-meet Clinic on Sunday, June 9th from 1:00-3:00 to introduce USAW lifting rules and regulations and she and Joel will set up a mini-meet to condition you to lifting with judges watching in a quieter environment than our typical gym noise/music, etc.  She will hold a 2nd clinic the week of the 16th for further refining on what to expect for those who are going to Phoenix to compete on June 22nd.  Stay tuned for that date. 

Lisa is going to be out of town from tomorrow, Wednesay May 29th - Monday, June 9th to judge at the CrossFit Games Regionals, as well as go on vacation!  Please defer to Amanda for questions on programming or training or individual goals/focuses in workouts and Comp Squad training during these next 2 weeks.  She and Scott are working on the programming together and will have the answers to any questions you might have for this training cycle.

  AmandaKB Amanda

Your assistant Comp Squad coaches!


The next logical step in our Comp Squad development was to appoint a Team Captain.  That person needs to be someone who is part of the Comp Squad team, practicing and training hard right along with everyone.  This person is a good role model in their training, proper rest, nutrition, lifestyle choices that support their goals, mental/self-talk, avoiding over-training, etc.  That person will be responsible for motivating and encouraging the team, checking in with the athletes as a group and as individuals to ensure they are on their game, understand the goals of the WOD and accessory training, communicating with and helping the team Coach.  This person can't be shy or quiet or non-communicative.  They have to talk to the team frankly and treat them as if they are family and give sound advice - as if they are the 2nd coach - giving tips, support, encouragement, but not taking away from the coach's job and over-riding coaching.  This person is highly motivated by the improvement of the team, not just by their own training, and will drive the team to be better.  Jesse is going to take on that role, being a consistent Comp Squad athlete, committed to any athlete in the gym who wants to get better and encourages everyone and their dog to do their best and strive for being competitive in any manner.  He is consistently interested in the development of this program, so this position is a natural choice for him.  Congratulations, Jesse!  Please feel free to also check in with Jesse as a training partner, for training advice, etc.