Tuesday, July 9

1. Snatch Balance 5x1


2. Snatch Deadlifts: work on positioning to mid thigh. 105% 2x2, 110% 1x2 (use same lift-off as when you are Snatching)

3. Gym WOD - Lift 10,000 lbs. and Core Strength


Finding the “perfect” Program

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People often ask me about the programming I do.  In truth Ben Bergeron is the brains behind it all and I leave it pretty much up to him.  We talk regularly and make sure we are headed in the right direction as a team.  He works with me regarding where I am mentally and physically in order to help make the gains and progress I need while staying motivated.  I work well one day at a time and not thinking about it, and I like it like that.

The question still comes up on what is the best thing to be doing.  I think most people are looking for the perfect fit or the best program out there that will give them the greatest gains the quickest.  Some of you may need to take a seat when I say this…. it doesn’t exist.  There is no perfect program.  You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone in what you like to do to work on your weaknesses, as well as what you may not be familiar with when it comes to a program.  The only way you will know if it is working is to try it and actually give it a chance.

I notice two things when people tell me that they don’t think they have the right program.

1. They haven’t given it a chance.  After 2 weeks of working on something specific or a different style of training they don’t see “results”.  It’s not enough, in rare cases do I think people can get a good understanding of the exposure and stimulus they are getting in their training within a window of time this short.

2. They have stuck with it for too long.  Once we see a result in our training many of us are tempted to stick with it and try the cycle again and again.  Your body will adapt at some point and depending on your experience this may come sooner or later.  Don’t fall into the trap though of trying to stick with something for too long thinking that you will see the same gains when you start hitting a wall or plateauing.

Settle in and get comfortable giving something a chance and having the knowhow to change it up when needed.  I think this is partly why following www.crossfit.com can be such a huge benefit for people over an incredibly long period of time.  People all seem to be looking for the next best thing when one of the very best things is sitting in front of your face for free.  There may be some more specific ways about seeing some gains in certain areas but when it comes to overall fitness in a lifetime I don’t think you can beat it.  If you are looking for the specific methods give it some time and don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a rut.