Tuesday, July 23

This shows the snatch receiving position forall 15 snatch junior world champions doing their biggest successful lift. Note that most of them have their wrist bent backwards while still keeping the bar in their palm which creates a stable and consistent receiving position. Having the bar in the wrong part of the hand or having the hand/wrist too upright is a common beginner problem which leads to instability and inconsistency even when the lifter is having no problems getting under a weight. Also, as you can see, some release the hookgrip, some don't -- that is mostly up to personal preference and comfort.


1.  3 Position Snatch:  work up to 55% 6 x 3
1 rep from each position for a total of 3 reps for the set. The first rep is from the high hang, second rep from right above the knees, and third snatch is from the floor.  Full squat receiving position.

2.  Snatch 75% 4x1

3.  Gym WOD - Lunge/Push/Sit