Tuesday, December 10

Kenny is registered to compete in the Garage Games this coming Saturday!  Who's going to join him and represent CFF FIRE with him??

2013 Garage Games: House of Warriors at CrossFit Purgatory

After a long year of training what better way to bring in the winter with a little warrior spirit? Prove your are not the same as you were in spring. We are excited to host our second Garage Games competition for Rx and Masters men and women competitors!
1.  Gym Skills: Row and Box Jumps
2. Gym WOD - Wall Ball/Deadlift
3. Garage Games Skills:  Death by Push and Pull AMRAP (do NOT tear hands - if it feels like you're going to tear, stop)
Event Info
Athletes, registration will end promptly at 0800 and check in will begin at 0730 so please arrive on time! Email notifications will be sent the week prior with all further information you will need!

0815 – Opening Ceremonies

(INSIDE) 0830 – 1245 : Event 1 – “Yoked” (7 mins per heat of 4 people) – Placed in heats by height. Athletes will be told upon check in which yoke heat they are in based on their heights so know your heights!!

39 heats @ 7 mins each = 4.5 hours to completion

Yoked 5 min AMRAP

40′ Yoke Carry

Starting weight 275/195 add 80/50lbs each length

Repeat until time expires

(OUTSIDE) 0930 – 1330 : Event 2 Slosh bar WOD (10 mins per heat of 8 people) – You will be told your heat time upon completion of “Yoked” by a volunteer taking names and gender

 20 heats @ 10mins each = 3.5 hours to completion

 Slosh Bar Chipper 8 min AMRAP:

50m Slosh bar Zercher carry (women)/Overhead Carry (men) within 4’ walking lane

15 Burpee over slosh bar

30 walking lunges with slosh bar (back carry)

15 Burpee over slosh bar

50m Slosh bar Zercher carry (women)/Overhead Carry (men) within 4’ walking lane

1330 – 1415 – Lunch/Scoring – Demos by Ruben’s athletes – Charity info!

(INSIDE) 1415 – 1645 : Event 3 – “Death by Push and Pull” (heats of 12, 12 mins each) Heats based on rankings from “Yoked” and “Slosh Bar Chipper”

13 heats @ 12 mins each = 2.5 hours to completion

Death by Push and Pull AMRAP

Ground to Overhead (135/95)

Chest to Bar Pullups (men)/Pullups (women)

1700 – Final heat announced

1705-1750 – FINAL EVENT

 1800 – Final placings /awards

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