Training Pays Off

Stephanie Carl has been working hard to train for Flagstaff Fire Dept.'s Fire Fighter Academy.

Saturday, that training paid off for her and she did a great job on the Work Capacity Test segment of the hiring process.  Strong work, Steph!

Img_3720_3 Img_3820_2

In under 7 minutes:
50 10lb. Sledgehammer Strikes (to log, tire, etc)
6 45lb. Cleans
6 45lb. Sumo Deadlift Highpulls
90lb. Barbell Farmer Walk 50 ft.
3 rds.: 45lb. Barbell vertical push x5, 45lb. weighted rope pull x3
15 steps to 6-8" step holding 25lb. dumbbells
50ft. Farmer Walk holding 25lb. dumbbells
Drag 150lb. sandbag/dummy/person 60ft.
110lb. sled drag 150ft.
50 ft. Hand-over-Hand pull in 55lb. weighted rope


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