Training Pays Off

Summit Fire Department Physical and Agility Testing
Tara and Kyle have been consistent and focused in their training for the past 6-9 months, getting stronger and stronger, and today it paid off .  Both of them performed extremely well and rocked the Summit Fire test, showing strong candidacy for hire as firefighters.  Congratulations to both of you! 
Summit's test is to be performed in under 7 minutes in order to pass.
Img_3998Img_4002 Img_4006

Kyle walked through the test like he was strolling through the park and came through with a really strong time at 4:37!  Even carried his end of the 180lb. backboard with one hand!
Img_4012_2 Img_4020 Img_4035 Img_4042

Tara is only the 2nd female in Summit Fire Dept.'s history to be able to pass this difficult test.  She had a PROUD time of 6:08 today!

We love having both of you train with us and it's been an honor and a pleasure to work with you, Tara and Kyle!  Great attitudes and always pushing the envelope for yourselves, as well as the rest of us!