Training and Accomplishments!

Congratulations to Aileah on graduating from nursing school AND competing in her first sanctioned USAW meet last week!  She participated in the Grand Canyon State Games last weekend and had a great learning experience.

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"It was fun, and I definitely learned a lot.  I made my first snatch at 42 kg, my second at 45 (99 lbs), and missed my third at 48.  I could have had it, but I didn't pull high enough so wasn't able to get under the bar fast enough...I only allowed myself to beat myself up over this after the meet was over!  For the clean and jerks I lifted 53 kg first, but it was disqualified because I didn't wait for the down signal from the judge.  I missed my second attempt at 56 then made my third at 56 (123 lbs).  It was pretty stressful going into my third attempt, as I knew that if I missed this lift I wouldn't be able to total in the meet.  But I took the entire time allowed before taking the weight again, cleared my head, and was able to keep focused enough to make it.  What a relief!  So my totals for the meet were 45 on the snatch, 56 on the clean and jerk, for a 101 kg total.  I weighed in at 60 kg, putting me in the 63 kg weight class.

Here are a few of the most important lessons from the day:

1. Wait for the down signal or the lift doesn't count!  I missed my first clean and jerk only because I forgot this rule and put the bar down before the down signal was given, thus disqualifying the lift.

2. FOCUS. There was a lot going on, and I had to pay attention only to myself and concentrate on what I needed to do.  On my second clean and jerk I got distracted coming out of the clean and wasn't able to clear my mind to focus on the jerk.  I missed the jerk because of this.  Fortunately I was able to refocus enough for my third attempt to make the lift.

3. Relax.  I had to consciously make myself relax between attempts.  I knew I wouldn't be able to make the lift if I was tight or anxious.  It's hard to shake the stress of the meet off and I wasn't able to loosen up as much as I wanted to.  This will definitely take more practice.

4. Proper technique makes all the difference.  I missed my third snatch only because I failed on my technique.  The weight is not too heavy for me, I just didn't pull high enough to make it.  You better believe that next time I hit that weight my elbows will be to my ears before I turn over!

Overall I had a really great experience.  I met a lot of athletes from East Valley CF and from Tucson who were all really nice and fun to spend the day with.  There were a lot of CrossFit people there.  I highly encourage anyone who enjoys lifting to try out a meet sometime.  Singlet's were NOT required and I did NOT have to weigh-in in my underwear :) "


Tami Stark recently ran in a 21 mile race in Big Sur and will run a full marathon in 3 weeks in Utah!  Great job and good luck!


The Big Sur race went great but it had a lot more hills than I had expected. I recovered within a day or two but took the week off from workouts and also needed daily naps that week. :) I've been loving CrossFit and feel like it is helping in my race training. I've only been able to come 2-3 times a week to CrossFit and I run 3 times a week. I want to make it to 4-5 CrossFit workouts and run 1-2 times a week and see how that affects my fitness level.


Molly Wilson also just graduated, completing her Master's degree in English/emphasis in Literature!  Congratulations!!!
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Scott participated in the Highland Games and is pulling together a CrossFit Flagstaff team to do it again in July! Who's in to go play with new, big toys? All experience levels are welcome! He said the competitors were really friendly and helpful in giving tips on how to do these things, and Scott is happy to show us!

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Any other accomplishments we haven't heard about that should be noted?