Track Day!

WOD - Meet at the Coconino High School Track!
1x 1 mile for time     - 1:00 Rest

IMG_97592x 800m for time      - 1:30 Rests

3x 400m for time      - 1:30 Rests

4x 200m for time      - 2:00 Rests

5x 100m for time      - 2:00 Rests   


The BIg 4 for time:
Start with the 100m Ball Toss Triplet (granny shot, chest pass, overhead throw)
Run stadiums back to the starting line. 
Bear Crawl back to your ball 100m. 
Then Balls, Stadiums, and Backpedal. 
Then Balls, Stadiums, and Carioca.
Finish with Balls, Stadiums, and an all out Sprint.

IMG_9732 IMG_9726 IMG_9726 IMG_9735 IMG_9731 IMG_9731

Big thanks to Stacie (Principal of CHS) for opening up the track to us AND for joining us in the workout!

IMG_9733 IMG_9733 IMG_9733 IMG_9754 IMG_9754 IMG_9738 IMG_9738 IMG_9738 IMG_9738