Skill work:Double Unders and Muscle Ups

CFF Benchmark Memorial WOD – “Tina” In honor of Mike’s sister and all those who have struggled and fought breast cancer.  This is a tribute to their enduring strength and indomitable spirit.

3 Rounds For Time:

    * 250m Sprint     * 21 Ball Slams -20# M/15# W     * 12 Knees-to-Elbows     * 6 Burpees

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My Double Unders Suck. What Do I Do?

Confession: I have coached numerous people to a successful muscle up and zero people to successful double unders.

I won’t sugar coat this. No amount of coaching, video watching, or tips from your buddies will help you here. This is one movement where you need to find what works for you. Yes, keep the wrists in close. Yes, find the proper rope length. Yes, stay on your toes. But the one rule to getting successful double unders is clear - time under the rope.  Grab your rope and practice your double unders for five minutes. After the workout is over, spend no less than five additional minutes practicing.

If you can confidently say, “I don’t have double unders yet.” Then I can confidently say, “You don’t practice them.” It’s not going to happen by itself. Trust me on this. Ten minutes a day.

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