Timed Gymnastic Practice

IMG_9847CrossFit WOD Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 2 Rope Climbs - 15' 10 Ring Dips 20 GHD Sit-ups

Strength Focus A. Bar Kips- 4x8-10, R45sIMG_9850

B. Free Standing Handstands Practice- 5 Minutes

C. Back Squat- Build to a tough set of 2 in 10 Minutes, 30x1

IMG_9783 IMG_9795 IMG_9799 Modification for Rope Climbs:  Rope Knee-ups are to get comfortable gripping a rope and build the strength to bring the knees up before the pull. Grip a rope above the head with straight arms and feet on the ground. For one repetition bring knees up as high as possible, bring feet back to the floor.

IMG_9772 IMG_9794 IMG_9806 IMG_9800 IMG_9804 IMG_9776 Modifications for Ring Dips:  1. Use dip bars, for an easier, more rigid press-out. 2.  Box -assisted/foot-assisted Dips.  With feet out in front on a box, or on the floor with rings set low, lean forward, pushing the hips back as the elbows bend. The shoulders should be below the elbow at the bottom. Use the legs as necessary to assist pressing to full extension.  3.  Jumping dips on rings or bars. Start in the bottom of a dip with feet on the floor, knees bent and shoulders below the elbow. Jump to a support position with fully extended elbows and feet off the floor. Lower quickly to return to the bottom position of the dip. 4.  Box dips, hitting same positions as bars and rings, but able to use the feet to assist more.

IMG_9802 IMG_9789 IMG_9768

IMG_9787 IMG_9841IMG_9793 IMG_9785 IMG_9809 GHD modifications:  Must test through 25 consecutive AbMat sit-ups before performing any sit-ups on GHD.  Next level is GHD sit-ups to parallel.  Recall the number of GHD sit-ups performed in a recent workout and add a maximum of 20% to that volume. The modified range of motion on the GHD sit-up is to parallel, the shoulder goes no lower than the height of the hip before coming back up. Finish with ab-mat sit-ups as appropriate. Reduce volume to avoid excessive soreness.