Time for Some WHUP A**!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come... Tara is ready for some real CrossFit Whup A**!  The Ultimate Fighting Championships are this coming Saturday night, and that has got her itching for Fight Gone Bad.  Yes, you read correctly....Fight Gone Bad.  One of CrossFit's more prominent, notorious benchmark workouts.  If you haven't had the pleasure, this will be your first mark on the bench.  If you have done it before, it's time you put a little blood on the bench again and see how you measure up to your previous score.

Fight Gone Bad is typically performed in 3 rounds, but there is also the more elite version of 5 rounds.  We will give people their choice on Friday morning.

So, come one, come all, bring your friends (or people you no longer want as your friends), and we will send you into the "ring" to test your mettle.  As always, this workout is completely scalable and EVERYONE is capable of their own "Fight".  You will not slow anyone down, hold anyone up, or make anyone mad.  Your fight is your own, we just yell at you to get it done.  No, really.  Everyone of all abilities and athletic levels are welcome.  It's a positive, high energy, fun group workout.

Every year, CrossFit affiliates across the country have a Fight Gone Bad fund raiser.  We would like to be part of that this year.  Let's get your first score so you have a base benchmark and can build on it for the fund raiser next fall.

LET'S GET IT ON!!  This Friday, 9 a.m.!
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