Tiger Blood

IMG_7421CrossFit WOD - "Tiger Blood" 3 rounds of: 10 Clean and Jerks (135# M, 95# W) 400m Run

Compare to May 2013,   Make Up

IMG_7423 IMG_7422Strength Focus 3RM Deadlift

Comp Squad C2B Progression 7 sets of 7, :60 rest between sets

IMG_7363 IMG_7369 IMG_7355IMG_7358 IMG_7386IMG_7373 IMG_7377 IMG_7392IMG_7405 IMG_7397 IMG_7413 3:00 class ran in a torrential downpour, leaving rainbows for the following classes!

Only the Gods, Tigers, and immortals have tiger blood. You are invulnerable to anything. You win every second of the day and your a bitchin' rockstar. Also known as Adonis DNA.
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