Thursday - Sunday, October 17-20

Thursday - Friday

SICest of the SOUTHWEST is almost here!  Time to rest and mentally prepare!  Touch up a couple of those skills if you need to - such as the jump rope, but otherwise, get a massage and take care of yourself!


Good luck to all of our athletes going down to Scottsdale to compete in SICest of the Southwest!!!  Super proud of all of you for stepping into this competition ring with so many CrossFitters from other states, towns, and affiliations!  Very exciting!

Rx'd Teams:

Team 1: Ryland, David Watts, Dawn, Lisa Team 2: Jesse, David K, Tara, Amanda Team 3: Mike, David G, Stephanie, Chelsey

Intermediate Teams:

Team 1: Justin, Lance, Julie, Krystin
Team 2: Zach W, Josh, Rachel, Audrey
Team 3: Brodie, Kenny, Heather, Lindsay
Team 4: Ben W, Steven R, Danielle, Ingrid

Team Workout 1 For time: (15:00 total time cap) A.  4 rounds: 5 Deadlifts (205# Rx'd/155# Intermediate) 10 Burpees Over Barbell B.  4 rounds: 3 Squat Clean (205# Rx'd/155# Intermediate) 10 CTB Pullups Rx'd/Pullups Intermediate C.  4 rounds: 5 Deadlifts (205# Rx'd/155# Intermediate) 15 Pushups (hand release) D.  4 rounds: 5 Deadlifts (205# Rx'd/155# Intermediate) 10 Chest To Bar Pullups Rx'd/Pullups Intermediate

*Workouts are completed in order. *One athlete is assigned to each workout *The same barbell is used for all workouts *Score is time to complete all four workouts.

Deadlift movement standards: *Bar starts on ground *At top, open knees, open hips & shoulders behind bar *Bar may not be dropped

Burpees Over Barbell movement standards: *Chest & Thighs to ground *2 foot hop over barbell (both feet pass over the bar at the same time)

Squat Clean movement standards: *Barbell starts on the ground *Received on shoulders *At top, open knees, open hips & elbows in front of bar

Chest To Bar Pull-up movement standards: *Arms straight at bottom *Bar contacts chest bellow clavicles

Pull-up movement standards: *Arms straight at bottom *Chin over the bar at the top

Pushups (hand release) movement standards: *Arms straight at top * Hands completely off ground at bottom *Chest and thighs leave ground simultaneously Team Workout 2

Team2 NOTES: - All athletes must participate in jump rope, 2 swinging, 2 jumping - One athlete goes at a time. The next athlete begins when 2 min timer ends - One athlete per 2 min AMRAP in order for total reps as score at the end - Kettlebell between legs and bottoms up with arms straight in line with body at top for kettlebell swing - 34" base for HSPU distance, elbows and legs/hips straight at top, rep begins at top of lockout, heels against wall at the top for a complete rep.

Team Workout 3

For time: 20 Ground to Overhead (Rx'd - 135# M/95# W, Intermediate - 115# M/75# W) 25 Toes to Bar 20 Burpees 1k Watt Bike Sprint

Ground to Overhead *Bar starts on ground and finishes overhead *At top, Open knees, hips, shoulders & elbows

Toes to Bar *Feet behind vertical plane of the bar at the bottom *Both feet touching the bar at same time

Burpees *Chest & thighs to ground *Jump onto plates *At top, Open knee & hips

Watt Bike Sprint *Everyone will be at the same damper setting


REST DAY!!!!!  Revel in your awesome performance from yesterday!

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