Thursday - Sunday, June 6 - 9

Ask the Doc: Improving Thoracic Spine Rotation Mobility

Tabata Times -

Due to the stiffness in the thoracic spine over time (especially rotation), the low back and the cervical spine get beat up.  If you feel a twinge in your low back during overhead movements, it's very likely due to thoracic spine stiffness.


REST!  Mobilize a BUNCH!  Find the areas you need to target during warmup and cool down sessions.  Learn about your own body and open up your personal sticky bits!


1.  Mobilize thoracic spine with foam roller and hip flexors with lacross ball

2. Warmup with 3 round superset of 6 goblet squats and 12 resisted reverse hypers - focus on keeping  pelvis level through all movement.

2.  Front Squat 10x1, across at 90% of 1RM, On-the-Minute

3.  Push Press 5x3, climbing weight

4.  "Croissants & Tuxedoes" gym WOD and Grip Strength challenge


"The Admiral" gym WOD


REST - BREATHE - Get OUTSIDE!  The trails are awesome and the snow is nearly GONE from the Peaks!  Get out and enjoy!