For Load:

            1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Rep Rounds

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The Thruster starts with a solid racked position.  Connected to the top of the shoulders, elbows forward of the bar, resting on a rigid structure.  Descending down into a squat that is past parallel, elbows still forward of the bar, chest up, weight in the heels, engaged in a solid platform.....
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....from which to drive, explosively, transferring energy from the strength of the squat, power of the hip, through the body, into the bar, generating momentum on the bar, to float it off the body, into a strong overhead position.
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Some caving of the knees occurs in his rise out of the squat, but Sean made such HUGE improvements in squat form today, this is really excellent.  Nice work, Sean, way to hang in there and keep working at it!