Things that make the ZONE easier for me

Primo Digital Scale - Flame Orange

Digital Scale - $24.99 at Target  Worth every penny.  Throw on a plate, hit tare and get exact weights.  I use it to keep myself in check when I start "eyeballing".  Invest in a digital, they are much easier.

Steel Cut Oats.  Yummy, Nutty and Warm.  Slow cook one cup on Monday (takes 25min.) and it makes four servings.  One cup cooked = 3 blocks.  I add 1 block of fruit (strawberries are my favorite because 1 cup=1block) and 4 blocks of fat (peanut butter or crushed raw almonds)  total comfort food!!!  A two egg omlete with 1oz meat and 1oz cheese makes for a mighty fine 4 block breakfast.  The cooked oats store well in the fridge, some people single servings into tupperware and freeze them.  The fancy tins of this stuff are pretty expensive (like 6 bucks), but buy a tin then you can refill it at the Farmer's Market for like 79 cents a pound.

MacFarms® Roasted & Salted Macadamias - 21 oz bag

Mac Farm's Macadamias 21oz for 10 bucks at Sam's Club.  The cheapest fat blocks I can find.  There is like a months worth of fat pills in there

OXO Apple Slicer

Apple Slicer >10 bucks.  Sounds silly to say, I love apples but it just seems uncivil to gnaw at them and slicing them with a knife is a pain in the ass.   With this thing you get eight slices in two seconds.  A little salt on a Gala apple and you have an easy two blocks (although it is amazing how many blocks I lose to the dirty greedy hand of my kids and the not so dirty but equally as greedy hands of my wife)

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