The Starry Night

IMG_9535CrossFit WOD “The Starry Night” Teams of 3 AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) in 7 min: Strict Press 50 Reps (95# M/65# W) 50 Reps (115# M/80# W) Max Reps in remaining time (135# M/95# W)starrynight -3 Minute Rest- AMRAP 7 min: Front Rack Walking Lunges 50 Reps (115# M/75# W) 50 Reps (135# M/95# W) Max Reps (155# M/105# W) -3 Minute Rest- AMRAP 7 min: Push Press 50 Reps (135# M/95# W) 50 Reps (155# M/105# W) Max Reps (185# M/135# W)IMG_9533

Strength Focus

4 Rounds: 100M Sled Push (1/2 Body Weight) Immediately into 200M Sprint

IMG_9486IMG_9477IMG_9523 Welcome to Justin, visiting from New Mexico and Holly from CF Raw in Las Vegas, and to Ted Kennedy who recently joined our classes!

IMG_9480 IMG_9505IMG_9492 The Power of Community by Alison Belger

“Vulnerability is uncomfortable,” Belger says. “Taking risks is uncomfortable. Pushing our bodies to physical extremes and being emotionally engaged is sometimes uncomfortable. And yet, each experience allows us to discover something more about ourselves than we knew before. Each encounter encourages insight, growth and a greater appreciation for those who have helped us along the way. The more we connect with others and are open to others, the more likely we are to persevere and succeed.” IMG_9525 IMG_9469

“Communities can do wonders for people, and these groups don’t need to be formal or structured; they simply need to provide support, ongoing contact, and a sharing of experiences.” But she also goes further, sharing stories of military wounded warriors and everyday heroes who have faced life-threatening illness and overcome them with the help of community affiliation. She relates inspiring examples of individuals who have created communities and support networks for populations in need, including at-risk youth, cancer patients, and people recovering from addiction.


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