The Other Total

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On heavy days WE GO HEAVY!  Train to failure.  Record and track your failed lifts!

When beads of salty sweat dripping from your forehead are stinging your eyes like acid rain on the scorched earth, as your veins bulge out of your arms and your whole body tenses with complete muscle contraction, just so that you can barely get your last complete rep up in strict form, that's training to failure.

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In many of our lifting cycles they are designed to push you to your limit.  Many times in the lifting that we do, the goal is to push hard enough to get to actual failure.  This means that you physically can not do one more rep.  For example, on a back squat, if you are truly pushing to failure, you can squat the weight down, but you can not get back up, this requires you to dump the bar off of your back. ( If you are uncomfortable with this, we teach you how to do it.)  Many times the best results come within the last couple of reps before failure, but you don’t truly know where that is until you actually fail.  I’m not saying that you guys aren’t pushing hard, because most of you are, all I am trying to convey is, if you want to expedite your results, you need to push it until you physically can’t.  This will get you to where you want to go faster.

Dealing with failure is a good thing.  It happens all the time in life.  It’s how you react to failure that is the key to success, and if you never fail, you’ll never know truly what you could’ve done.


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