"The Last Supper"

IMG_9642CrossFit WOD “The Last Supper” TABATA (8 Rounds of 20 Seconds of Work : 10 Seconds of Rest) Deadlifts (185# M/135# W) Pullups Front Squats (135# M/95# W) Double Unders

IMG_96351 minute rest between exercises, score is lowest number of reps accomplished in all 8 segments.

Strength Focus: 8 Min EMOM

Odd: 2 Rope Climbs (legless if possible)

Even: 5 Handstand Pushups (strict if possible)


The Last SupperIMG_9596 IMG_9603 IMG_9607IMG_9598IMG_9606 OTB = Get out of the box!

Our Wednesday OTB workout was at the CHS track today. Running drills and video analysis, 1 mile time, 800m tim, 400m time, and 200m time was established! And, maybe a little sunbathing at the same time!

IMG_3380IMG_3377Video 1       Video 2

PoseOne of the main characteristics with the Pose Method, runners land on their forefoot (ball of foot), on a slightly bent knee with hips over the ball of foot.  The Pose Method utilizes gravity to propel the body forward, in a sort of "falling".  This enables the runner to keep their center of mass directly over their feet.

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